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Manufacturer's Description:

The newest Dream State Audio model continues the company tradition of utilizing high quality foil conductors, carbon fiber jacketing and quality plugs and IECs.

Product Materials

The materials selected for each Dream State power cord reflects the company's "Quality at any cost" philosophy.

* Carbon fiber jackets
* Low inductance, resistance and capacitance OFC copper and 99.99% pure silver conductors
* Cryo'ed Wattgate 5266i and 320i
* Stillpoints ERS cloth
* Highest quality nylon tubing, PET monofilament jacketing and shrink wrap.

The manufacturing process of each Dream State power cord reflects the company's "Best results regardless of time" philosophy.

Carbon fiber jacket encapsulates entire run of conductors and connectors ensuring maximum noise rejection.
OFC copper conductors are twisted in a jacket of high grade polymer to effectively prevent oxidation and resist RF and EMI interference from entering the feed-back loop.

99.99% pure silver and OFC copper conductors are woven in a proprietary noise canceling configuration and sealed in a water and chemical resistant tubing, preventing oxidation.

Copper and silver leads are covered with Stillpoints ERS cloth and carefully connected to Oyaide AC and IEC plugs without the use of solder for the purest signal transmission. Caig Pro Gold is used to treat the entire surface of conductors.

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