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Nespa Professional
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Nespa Professional

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Manufacturer's Description:

NESPA PRO Disc Finalizer for CD / DVD, improving the sound and picture quality with Flash of 3-million Lux.

CD / DVD contains the various length of tiny ‘pits’ which is related to the Original Digital Signals. The ‘Pits’ reflect the Pick Up Laser Light at the edge of plastic surface, together with ultra thin metal film. The thin metal film must be fixed on the plastic edge tightly for perfect reflection and Noiseless Digital Signal. Unfortunately there are some gap between the metal film and plastic surface. The Gap is made by Argon Gas which is indispensable for METAL SPATTERING PROCESS and Oil residue from the CD stamper.

NESPA Pro unit can make the Gap ‘minimum’ for ideal reflection. The Flash frequency can be set with the white button on the bottom of the top panel to 30 / 60 /120 times. By this function, the owner can select the proper frequency more easily for the disc.

The effects of Nespa Pro on the Sound:

    * The HALL TONE and the REVERBED DECAYING TINY SOUND will be retrieved. The Image of the sound will be Broaden and the Sound Scale will be up.
    * The Delicacy of Piano Play, Instrumental Play or Vocal Singings will be clearly retrieved.
    * The Dynamic Range of the Sound will be more Real and Larger Sound Level.

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