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Synergistic Research's NEW at the LA SHOW: Synergistic Research Active Grounding Systems. 100% upgrade offer
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Synergistic Research's NEW at the LA SHOW: Synergistic Research Active Grounding Systems. 100% upgrade offer

Specials! by Synergistic Research

NEW at the LA SHOW: Synergistic Research Active Grounding Systems. 100% upgrade offer.

Synergistic Research tells us they will have a new 2nd generation grounding system on display at the LA Show, so we asked for advance details, and also buyer protection for our customers who have already purchased the original Grounding Block system (which remains available), but who want to upgrade to the next generation products. Synergistic delivered on both.

First the special offer:

For existing Ground Block owners, for a limited time you can exchange your original Ground Block for the full $595 retail value towards purchase of the $1995 "Active Ground Block" or the $2995 "Active Ground Block SE."

Here is the preview information from Synergistic Research:

The New Active Ground Block takes the award winning UEF Ground Filter from our original SR Ground Block and adds an active ULF (ultra low frequency) Field Generator, and on the SE model, a dedicated Active EM Cell as found in SR PowerCell line conditioners to supercharge the performance of every component in your system including Synergistic Research cables equipped with external grounding technology. Benefits include a noticeable increase in deep bass power and weight, a more holographic sound field, smoother high frequencies with greater extension and ‘air’, a more present and layered mid-range, increased tonal density with an apparent increase in resolution; it's like going from a standard resolution Redbook file to Double DSD, the improvement is that dramatic. Nearly every aspect of system performance is transformed over the original; in fact, the difference between the new Active Ground Block and our original SR Ground Block is greater than the difference between the original Ground Block and no ground filter at all!
How it works: It all starts with 44 Star Ground Points to reduce component to component ground inductance. That’s 44 ground connections compared to the original’s 18. You can ground your entire system including all components, a full loom of SR cable shields, and even equipment racks, computer hard drives, absolutely everything in your system can be grounded to one SR Active Ground Block. Filtration is handled by a UEF Ground Filter that’s 3 times the size of the original's UEF Ground Filter and this translates into 3 times the performance of the passive ground filter alone. To this we add an Active ULF Field generator as found in our PowerCell 12 UEF which re-clocks high-frequency ground noise to the Earth’s Schumann resonance as well as noise generated inside connected components at the circuit level, so each connected component’s performance is fundamentally transformed at the source. And the Active Ground Filter is the only ground filter in the world to use such a filter mechanism for a performance unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Stepping up to the Active Ground Block SE replaces the standard model’s passive Quantum Black Power Cord with a specially modified Atmosphere Level 2 Active power cord equipped with Galileo UEF Quantum Gold and Silver Filters that give you two distinctive sonic options to the overall sound of your system. With the included Galileo UEF filters you can perfectly tailor the sound of the Active Ground Block SE to match your system, or leave the Galileo UEF Filters disconnected, the choice is yours. Lastly, the SE version has an Active EM Cell similar to the EM Cells found in our PowerCell 8 power conditioners to actively remove noise from ground for even blacker backgrounds, with improved dynamics, and finesse.
The original standard and High Definition Ground cables work perfectly with the new Active Ground Blocks.
Active Ground Block $1995  ($2195 230V) includes UEF Black power cable, (4) 4ft and (2) 8ft standard ground leads for cables.

Active Ground Block SE $2995 ($3295 230V) upgrades to a $2k Atmosphere Active Ground Block power cable w/ Galileo UEF Tuning modules, the fuse is upgraded to UEF Black Fuse, and the main internal performance difference is the addition of an Active EM cell, which only the SE version contains.

To order on-line with exchange of an original Ground Block, just make a notation to that effect in the comments section of your order.

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