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Essential Sound Products's MusicCord Pro Power Distributor
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Essential Sound Products's MusicCord Pro Power Distributor

Power Conditioners by Essential Sound Products

Manufacturer's Description:

Features and Performance Benefits     

The MusicCord-PRO is designed to compliment the performance of MusicCord Professional Series power cords. Below are just some of the POWER DISTRIBUTOR's features and performance benefits when connected to your audio equipment:

Anti-Resonant, RFI-Shielding Aluminum Chassis. The unique ribbed profile and cylindrical shape is designed for maximum rigidity. The POWER DISTRIBUTOR chassis' wall thickness constantly varies to provide a high level of internal damping. Aluminum is also a superior chassis material due to its non-magnetic and shielding properties

Polycarbonate Endcaps. Polycarbonate is one of the toughest, most chemically inert plastic materials available. It is also extremely impact resistant. Despite its premium price, the combination of extreme strength and beauty makes polycarbonate the material of choice to anchor the ends of the POWER DISTRIBUTOR.

Six (6) Hospital-Grade, Isolated-Ground Receptacles custom manufactured to our specifications by Leviton, provide the ultimate in electrical conductivity and mechanical integrity. Hospital-grade (green dot) electrical components must pass additional abuse tests earn this designation. Line and neutral triple-wipe contacts are made from electrical-grade bronze, which is over 98% copper as compared to only 2/3 copper content in typical brass contacts. Like copper, bronze contributes to a more natural warm sound quality. Our receptacles also feature isolated ground (orange triangle) contacts formed from a single brass stamping, which is physically separate from the chassis and shield grounding. This separation helps prevent RFI contamination.

2-Stage Current Overload Protection. The POWER DISTRIBUTOR now incorporates mode-1 spike and surge protection of up to a total 340 joules. Mode-1 surge suppression (between line and neutral legs of the circuit) is most appropriate for an audio/video component system.  Other modes connect to system ground, creating a secondary path for surge currents to propagate throughout your system via digital and analog interconnects.  A fast-blow (ceramic body) user serviceable fuse also provides protection for severe overload situations.

Filled With Damping Material to Control Vibrations. You are aware that vibrations cause distortion in electrical circuits due to the formation of eddy currents. Vibration can be transmitted to your equipment through the air and structure; in most cases the floor. This is the reason why the POWER DISTRIBUTOR is filled with a proprietary potting material that coats inner chassis walls and encapsulates all internal wiring, damping vibrations before they can compromise electrical performance.

Custom Designed Multi-Conductor Internal Wiring. The MusicCord-PRO power cord is hard-wired to the POWER DISTRIBUTOR. The objective is to match the electrical performance of the cord in separate line, neutral, and ground legs of the circuit that connect to each receptacle. Our custom designed shielded cabling is the answer. Constructed using the same sized conductors as the cord, its completes the seamless transfer. Internal connection is executed in a 'star' configuration meaning each receptacle is connected independently and directly to the cord, effectively isolating each duplex pair.

Quality Hand Craftsmanship. A great design can be significantly compromised by poor execution. The POWER DISTRIBUTOR's build quality is evident from the first glance and touch. Our personal attention to detail extends through the entire assembly process, from selection of internal components, to the final step of attaching the nameplate. Practically every assembly operation is performed by hand with a perfectionist attitude. Also, the POWER DISTRIBUTOR, like all our products are proudly designed and assembled in the USA.


Improved Dynamics from percussion, to brass, to strings, to vocals, macrodynamics are significantly improved.

Extended Range at both frequency extremes; i.e. deeper bass and more extended treble.

Greater Focus including tighter bass and more specific image location within the soundstage.

Greater Resolution low-level information such as room acoustics are more apparent and microdynamics are rendered more natural.

Try the MusicCord-PRO POWER DISTRIBUTOR for yourself but be warned:

One listen, and nothing else will do.

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Price: $599.99
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