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Essential Sound Products's MusicCord -ES
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Essential Sound Products's MusicCord -ES

Power Cables by Essential Sound Products

Manufacturer's Description:

NOTE: ES Version has proprietary processing, cryogenic treatment.

MusicCord Professional Series Power Cords     

Introducing the first truly innovative a/c power cords specifically designed to enhance audio/video components’ performance to a new level of ‘the truth’ from the live event, through mastering, pre- and post-production, and playback:

Why? You already know the symptoms of an underpowered sound system or instrument amplifier flat dynamics, thin harmonics, and gutless sound without a satisfyingly full and extended bass. What about that low-level noise you're hearing? Yes, the power cord can contribute to all these conditions.

How? The power cord is restricting current flow choking your component’s power supply and compromising its performance. Why not just buy a heavier gage cord, right? Not!  Heavy-gage cords cause problems including high-frequency roll-off, blurred imaging, and slow, bloated bass response. Optimum system performance requires abundant power, delivered fast, without impedance anomalies that cause frequency and timing distortions and a loss of musical realism.

The Solution. MusicCord power cords unleash the full potential of your system’s performance, taking it to levels you thought could only be achieved by replacing the component.  You’ll hear true-to-live dynamics from percussion, to brass, to strings, to vocals. Even synthesized sounds have more dimensionality! Treble and bass frequency ranges are extended - not by false emphasis but with harmonic honesty and rhythmic integrity - while the music’s natural warmth is retained. Soundstage details including spatial positioning and the acoustic environment are so accurately rendered, you’ll imagine yourself at the original event. With AVP power cords used throughout, you can optimize your system’s performance to hear the musical truth for a fraction of the cost of upgrading components!

MusicCord Power Cords Feature:

    *Patented Multi-Conductor Cord Geometry – MusicCord power cords are based upon our patented multi-conductor cordage technology incorporated in our high-end audio products since 1995. Since then, thousands of cords have been put in service. Our 10+ years field experience has resulted in continuous refinement and optimization.
    *Shielded Cable Construction – a maximum coverage braided shield contains the strong magnetic field that can cause EMI (electro-magnetic interference) in signal cables and components.
    *Over-sized Ground Conductor contributes to reduced ground potential and a lower noise floor.
    *Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity (OFHC) Copper Conductors for greater detail and enhanced resolution.
    * Hospital-Grade Plug and Connector (green dot)
          - Solid Brass Pins - high quality, resists bending, and ensures good electrical contact.
          - Solder and Crimp Termination of conductors to plug and connector pins minimize contact resistance and maximize mechanical integrity.
          - Reinforced Cable to Connector Interface – for enhanced durability and reliability in high-abuse environments like the stage and studio
     * Woven Polyester Cable Jacket – further enhances the cord’s rugged construction providing abrasion resistance and an attractive appearance.

    * Designed and manufactured in the USA to the highest quality and reliability standards.  AVP power cords are approved to UL 817 and 498 requirements for power cord assemblies and hospital-grade mechanical integrity.


MusicCord and MusicCord-PRO Power Cords:

    *Line and Neutral Conductors – Patented multi-conductor design, OFHC-101, 16-awg equivalent (MusicCord), 14-awg equivalent (MusicCord-PRO)
    *Ground Conductor – 14-awg (MusicCord), 12-awg (MusicCord-PRO)
    *Shield – Maximum-coverage (approx. 90-95%) braided copper
    * Plug – NEMA 5-15P, custom molded, hospital-grade (UL-498)
          o Solid, plain brass pins
          o Solder and crimp termination of conductors to pins
          o Reinforced cable to plug interface
    * IEC Connector – custom molded, C-13 and C-19 styles
          o Solid, plain brass contacts
          o Solder and crimp termination of conductors to pins
          o Reinforced cable to connector interface with integral strain relief
          o Optional C-13 (90-deg. LH & RH), C-19 (MusicCord-PRO only)

    * Cable Jacket - woven polyester, black with white spiral tracer (MusicCord), black with white criss-cross tracer (MusicCord-PRO)

    * Current Rating – Approved to UL-817 requirements, 13-AMPS continuous operation (MusicCord), 15-AMPS continuous operation (MusicCord-PRO)

‘The truth’ is that most any audio/video component will benefit from using MusicCord Professional Sereis power cords.  Don’t take our word for it, audition them yourself. But be warned:

One listen, and nothing else will do.

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Wall Plug
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Price: $349.99
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