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Music Gun
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Music Gun

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Xtreme AV's amazing NEW patent pending The Music Gun™ is an affordable Tourmaline-based negative ion treatment accessory optimized for BOTH optical discs (CDs, SACDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, DVD-Rs and CD-Rs) and vinyl LPs. The Music Gun™ CD/LP quite simply makes the digital presentation much more realistic, analog and palpable... and eXtremely improves the musicality of digital playback. And improvements in video performance are also impressive!!! Digital has NEVER sounded so analog!!!

And for vinyl enthusiasts, the improvemnets in musicality on an already musical format are equally stunning... with increased resolution, detail, clarity, dynamics, and a lower noise floor. Please note that the degree of improvement on LPs is a bit less dramatic than that on CDs... and is subject to system synergy and listener preferences. And our The Music Gun™ CD/LP is GUARANTEED to perform!!!

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