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Purist Audio Design's Musaeus
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Purist Audio Design's Musaeus

Power Cables by Purist Audio Design

Manufacturer's Description:

Praesto Revision:

Purist Audio Design is introducing a new revision for all of the cable lines, called Praesto Revision.  Praesto is Latin meaning to be outstanding, to excel, and to surpass.  That is exactly what we did with the Praesto Revision!  The Praesto Revision provides improvements in three main areas:
* The Metallurgy of the conductors
* The Shielding technologies
* The Cosmetics of the cables

These across the board improvements in the design of our cables will yield amazing sonic improvements!  Each of our cables will be quieter with more transparency, and more speed!  Finally, to improve ease of use we are adjusting cosmetics.  Each line will have it own unique color on the label to better distinguish between cable lines.  We are also implementing uniform color coding to better signify Right/Left, Digital, and Center Channel.  Praesto Revision represents our continuing passion to bring audiophile music through the science of sound!

Sonically, Musaeus has made a large step forward; it is more open and not as dark sounding as Rev. C.  The interconnects and speaker cable sound faster to the ears.  The AC cable has an improved mechanical shield which provides better RF and EMI shielding.  The sound is more robust with authority in the lower bass region.

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