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Moving Air
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Moving Air

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Manufacturer's Description:

Moving Air has conquered the quest for fast, yet 100% screened power cable. Where braided screens are used, screen cover is usually around 80-90% due to gaps in the braid. Also, the metal increases cable capacitance significantly, which slows the cable down.

Moving Air developed a heavily loaded carbon jacket that works in conjunction with a drain wire to screen the power chord. Not only does this mean 100% coverage, it also means capacitance is kept to a minimum, keeping it fast and able to service the transients and details in music faithfully We are really pleased with the performance of this novel design.

This revolutionary power chord was first shown at the 2008 high End show in Munich. Dealers and audiophiles auditioned the cables on Harberth L4/ Renaissance, Epos /Creek and Tannoy /Creek systems and were very well received. Bernd Hömke of German Distributor Input Audio said “ “The Abbey Road power cables were a big advantage to our system. It sounded wonderful” ”

The new Abbey Road Power Chord complements the Abbey Road speaker and interconnect cables, contributing to excellent system imagery and natural clarity across a wide range of production styles to give a sense of truth to the sound.

Nominal Technical Specifications:

Conductors: 2.5mm cross sectional area, 47 x 0.22 strands high purity copper.
Insulation : Brown, Blue, Green/Yellow
Insulation diameter: 3mm over dielectric
Bedding and Primary screen : 100% coverage, Carbon loaded semi-conductor

Drain element: 0.46mm cross sectional area, 3 x 9 x 0.147 strands tinned copper wire
Resistance: Each core: 6.98 ohms/km
Capacitance: Core to core: 100pF/m
Inductance: Each Core: 26mH/km

Rated voltage: 500Vac
Overall diameter; 9.75mm

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