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Sound Anchors's Motor Lift Stands
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Sound Anchors's Motor Lift Stands

Racks and Stands by Sound Anchors

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Manufacturer's Description:

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If you regularly find that you need to get your speakers completely out of sight Sound Anchor Motor Lift Stands are your very best solution. Push the button and your monitors smoothly drop out of the field of view.

Sound Anchor  Motor Lift Stands  allow the audiophile to raise and lower the height of  his monitors right from his listening position. This feature makes it possible to fine tune monitor height or lower them completely out of sight if desired.

The telescopic center column of the Sound Anchor Motor Lift Speaker Stand  has a powerful linear actuator inside it to smoothly raise and lower the speaker. The wired remote control unit precisely controls the up and down motion of two speaker stands. The stands are synchronized  to move at exactly the same speed and when stopped they will stop at the same height.  

Sound Anchor  Motor Lift Stands are designed to support small to medium sized speakers. The maximum recommended speaker weight is 80#. They can be built into your cabinetry if desired. Single Motor Lift Stands are available for center channel speakers or video monitors.

Sound Anchor Motor Lift Stands are hand crafted in the USA. They are made of  large section  square tubing. They are spiked at the floor to  anchor your monitors in space. Special sorbathane pads are provided for use between the speaker and stand. Sound Anchors Motor Lift Stands  are prefilled using our proprietary methods and materials to eliminate resonance and add mass.  These features give Sound Anchors professional performance. They also give Sound Anchors Adjustable Stands professional appearance which makes you look professional.

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