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Monitor (Pair)
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Monitor (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

The screen-free aspect of this starquad interconnect cable means it has very low capacitance. It gives one of the best listening experiences, as reported by prominent audiophiles, compared to other cables of several times more cost. This reflects our design focus toward achieving a phase coherent response.

Measured Technical Data

Conductors: 4x 28/0.1 high purity, oxygen free copper

Primary dielectric layer: Olefinic/nitrogen foamed primary

Second dielectric layer: Solid polyethylene secondary skin

Lay: Orbital twist, 100mm lay length

Capacitance (min) 33pF/m, 11.6pF/ft

Resistance (starquad format) 0.037 ohms/m, 0.012 ohms/ft

Overall jacket Crystal clear PVC

Overall diameter 6.0mm /0.24 inch

The cable is available as boxed stereo pairs terminated with Neutrik gold plated RCA phonos or Neutrik gold plate pin XLR plugs.

XLR terminations are special order and may take a few weeks to receive. 

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