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Running Springs Audio's Mongoose-2
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Running Springs Audio's Mongoose-2

Power Cables by Running Springs Audio

Manufacturer's Description:

The basic truth about most power cord products is that too many companies use them as tone controls. The method: softening hard edges that gives the illusion of a quiet background – the results: destroying the fine inner detail, pace and rhythm, smearing leading edges, limiting dynamics and collapsing the soundstage.

Using the highest quality materials and production techniques the RSA design team worked closely to design the Mongoose Power Cords to be as neutral as possible with the greatest level of current propagation.

• Perfect current delivery
• Cardas construction
• Will enhance all PLC’s
• No Color, No Tone Control
• Custom Lengths
• Hand made in the USA
• 5 year warranty


Pricing Information

Wall Plug
Component IEC
Price: $850.00
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