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Model Q 2Q
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Model Q 2Q

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The Model Q is Equi=Tech's flagship product.
It is the result of many years of experience and application research in the field of balanced AC power. It is highest quality and the best performing balanced power system we have ever offered. Every component specified in its design has been selected from years of research and testing in professional and consumer high definition A/V systems in both analog and digital formats. Each component used in the Model Q was chosen for its superior quality and performance and cost was no object. For example, the material used in the Model Q transformer core is made of a state-of-the-art magnetic steel alloy and none is spared in fabrication. The core material is the most efficient there is, nevertheless the Model Q transformer has twice the mass of similarly rated competitive products. It drives amplifiers and other high current pulse type loads without skipping a beat. Power factor remains virtually stable regardless of the type of demand load. Mil spec oxygen free copper is used throughout the Model Q assembly to further reduce random high frequency current distortion. This improves an already near perfect mirror image output and further widens its range of noise attenuation. The Model Q's switches and circuit breakers are the finest made and they are duty rated for over 1/2 million operations. Every component part used in the Model Q has been selected because it is the best of its kind. There is nothing that compares in quality or performance to the Model Q.

Though the Son of Q is clearly superior to our competitor's products (and cost about half the price,) the industry benchmark standard of performance originates with the Model Q. Son of Q benefits from the trickle down technology developed over the years refining the Model Q, therefore the Son of Q clearly deserves the name. Both clearly stand above the rest in precision design features and performance. But make no mistake about it, the Model Q in all its variations and sizes is the gem of the entire balanced power industry. No balanced power product compares to the Model Q and they are built to last a lifetime. Equi=Tech has been making balanced power products longer than anyone in the industry, setting new standards in the field of power quality since the early '90s. There is no limit to how far we will go to raise the bar in power standards and audio-video quality. The Model Q is our flagship product.

When the Model Q was first shown at the Home Entertainment show (San Francisco 2002), the demo room was voted "Best Sound of Show" by the show attendees. It won by a landslide margin over the 2nd place finisher. Then, after winning that prestigious award for 3 consecutive years, show sponsors canceled the "Best Sound of Show" voting completely. When an Equi=Tech Model Q is present in the room, it's just not fair to everyone else. Anyone who believes that power quality isn't an important factor in recreating exciting realistic and accurate sound is seriously mistaken. If you haven't heard your sound system with a Model Q powering it, you are missing something truly great. You might just find yourself replaying all of your old music again and again as if hearing it for the first time with a new appreciation for detail, clarity and remarkable bass definition that you have never experienced before. Many of our customers have told us that their Model Q was the one component above all others in their system that accounted for the biggest difference in sonic quality. Source components and amplifiers benefit equally from their use. They bring out the best in high definition audio/video components because they represent the cutting edge in the field of power quality. The Model Q is simply the most highly refined, accurate and effective power source on the planet. You owe it to yourself to see and hear why Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sony Records, JPL/NASA, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and most every professional A/V production company has chosen Model Q technology for their sensitive components.

The Model Q has a simple yet elegant appearance. It features an anodized aluminum front panel that is available in black or silver. A front panel LED voltmeter indicates voltage at the input or output depending on the position of the voltmeter mode switch (IN-OFF-OUT) There is one blue LED indicator light above the input power switch and one above each output standby switch indicating power status at both the input and the output. The input power LED also doubles as a TVSS status light that indicates active surge protection when lit. In the rare event that it stops working and the output LED still works, this indicates that the surge protector has taken too many nuisance voltage spikes and its days are done. In the rare event that this occurs, the Model Q's grounded Faraday shields provide excellent redundant surge protection until the TVSS module can be replaced and it is an inexpensive and easy thing to do.

On the rear panel, there are 12 AC outlets provided (more in the larger versions.) One GFCI outlet is independent from the front standby switch(es) and is constantly left turned on for use with components that require continuous power for a clock or to maintain volatile memory. Of the 10 remaining outlets, 6 (white) are for analog components such as amplifiers and pre amps and 4 (gray) are specially filtered outlets for digital components. A circuit breaker on the rear panel protects the system from overload and from potential short circuit fire hazards in electrical power cords and downstream connected equipment.

Model Q's are offered in 7 different sizes ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA load capacities. Most Model Q's that are rated at 2kVA or less require a 120 Volt supply circuit to operate. (The 2RQ-E and 2RQ-EA require 208/240 Volts.) 3kVA and 5kVA models require a 208 or 240 Volt supply as do the 7.5kVA and 10kVA models. The chart below indicates the circuit size and standard plug type used to connect the Model Q to the source power outlet.

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