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Model 880 GP/PS Outlet
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Model 880 GP/PS Outlet

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Manufacturer's Description:

High Quality Copper Duplex Receptacle (20 Amperes)
Caution: Do not use aluminum wire with this device. Use copper or copper clad wire only.

The following statement applies to Isolated Ground Receptacles only (Suffix IG)

To aid in reducing electromagnetic interference, the grounding contact on this device has been insulated from the mounting yoke. The yoke is provided with a positive grounding clip for use with grounded outlet boxes. The mounting yoke must be grounded if a metallic wall plate is used.
UL Listed 893L OEM

Special Features
    1.    Audiophile grade 20 Ampere rating.
    2.    High purity copper alloy to ensure high current conductivity.
    3.    Heavy gauge metal which more firmly grasps the metal of the power connector.
    4.    Heavy duty, high density plastic for rigidity and minimum resonance.
    5.    Accept 8-gauge wire X 8, meaning allowing easy flow of high current.
    6.    Solid bar for ground terminal to ensure excellent grounding.
    7.    Gold-plated logo badge for quality assurance and easy identification.
    8.    Made in USA.

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