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Aural Symphonics's Missing Link Bus
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Aural Symphonics's Missing Link Bus

Power Conditioners by Aural Symphonics

Manufacturer's Description:

The Missing-Link Bus is a passive, power outlet component, available for any voltage from 100-240 Vac. The ML Bus allows the connection of any audio or video component. You can connect the largest highest current audio amplifiers on the planet or a big professional projector with out the fear of current limiting by any internal devices like a fuse. The ML Bus is for the performance high performance audio video enthusiast. The ML Bus is current limited to 27 amps at 100-240 volts a.c. across all of the six high performance power inlet receptacles. Additionally the ML Bus is available with the option of 17 different outlet connectors for use from around the world, the connectors for U.S.A. are shown in photo.

ML Bus provides optimum sonic performance with the widest variety of electronics, tube or solid-state, digital or video. The enclosure is constructed from heavy gauge steel with the chassis measuring  4.00" x 3.00" x 19.50" and is powder coated anthracite gray for an appealing high tech finish and durability. The acrylic base illuminates at night with a cool blue color.

Beyond sheer performance, ML Bus incorporates a unique and highly effective in-rush sensing device called a "smart-breaker." Additionally, the smart-breaker senses the two poles of the a.c. line for a destructive short condition caused by a failed electronic component connected to the ML Bus. Failure of a component such as a short in the power supply, will cause the smart-breaker to automatically open and will remain open until the failed component is disconnected from one of the outlets of the ML Bus. The smart-breaker  will not be manually reset until the defective electronic component is unplugged from the outlet, ultimately protecting the devise through the front panel on-off switch. This prevents continued damage to your electronic investments with out using low current fuses as used by some manufacturers.

The ML Bus is available with any Aural Symphonics power cable.

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