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Shunyata Research's Mini Dark Field Elevators
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Shunyata Research's Mini Dark Field Elevators

Cable Lifts by Shunyata Research

Manufacturer's Description:
Set of 12

The Dark Field Mini Cable Elevators can be used to isolate individual cables behind rack systems, near components, and away from outlets and the floor. These unique Mini Elevators can also act as spacers between two cables, or they can be used between Dark Field Elevator stands to further support cabling off the ground. Many complete systems can be treated with a 12 pack of Mini's and fewer of the original Dark Field Elevators.

The Dark Filed Mini Cable Elevators low price means that they can be used liberally within any type of recording, sound or film system to maximize performance. They are sure to be a huge success, comparable to their award winning counterpart, the DFE.

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Price: $100.00
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