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Mini Active Speaker System
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Mini Active Speaker System

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Manufacturer's Description:

Wanna make your iPod rock? 

Get a pair of AktiMates designed by our friend the legendary Mike Creek of Creek/Epos fame!  What you get is a Creek amplified Epos speaker with an embedded iPod dock and two additional inputs for listening to a source other than your iPod.  When the iPod isn't in use, there's a hinged cover built right into the speaker that folds down flat to conceal the dock.  They even come with a cute little remote control.  I'm tellin' ya mate, these stout puppies are the dog's balls, they'll squash whatever tin boom crap plastic box you've been using to blast your music.

Awarded "Best Desktop Speaker of 2009," by UK's What Hi-Fi.  

AktiMate is an Australian company that co-developed and licensed technology from Creek Audio and Epos Loudspeakers.  Aktimate is essentially, a Creek amplified Epos speaker emblazoned with a stroke of Aussie swaggar. 

Mini Features

  •    40 watt/ch amp nestled into one of the speakers
  •    iPod/iPhone dock concealed in the top
  •     2 additional inputs
  •    Video output
  •     1 pr. of stereo outputs
  •    Remote control
  •     Solid MDF construction
  •     Voltage switchable
  •    Fully shielded for placement near monitor
  •    Speaker cable is supplied 
  •    High gloss red, black, or white finish
  •    27 lbs (12 x 7.5 x 8.5 in)


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