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Acrolink's Mexcel 7N-D6000 (Pair)
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Acrolink's Mexcel 7N-D6000 (Pair)

Interconnects by Acrolink

Manufacturer's Description:

When confronted with the pinnacle of technology, one's view of things must necessarily change. The limited scope of our previous outlook must be discarded in favor of a wider and more encompassing reference.

Every little section was critically re-examined and re-designed, utilizing leading edge high-tech materials and structural technologies in order to achieve the ultimate in uncompromising efficiency and performance.

Single core, co-axial structure with additional outer shielding layer.
Conductors: Center core (hot); Stress-free 7N copper MEXCEL, 0.58 mm dia.x7 strands, twisted. Shielding (cold); Braided, rectangular 7N copper ribbons MEXCEL.
Outer shielding; Braided, 4N copper (silver plated) round wires. 

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