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Acrolink's Mexcel 6N PC5300
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Acrolink's Mexcel 6N PC5300

Power Cables by Acrolink

Manufacturer's Description:

Material, design and engineering - all elements vital for pure signal transfer were technically investigated to provide the ultimate in reproduction quality. ESOTERIC power cord series - Hear everything as it was meant to be through components powered with ESOTERIC's high-end power cords!

Pure conductor / Stressfree annealing technology

ESOTERIC power cords incorporate high purity "Stressfree" copper conductors. The material purity of conductors used for critical areas is 6N (99.99997% = 6N-PC5300) copper. This high purity material was originally developed for the semiconductor industry which requires an extremely high level of quality certification, and guarantees 6N purity with less-than-0.01 ppm (parts per million), of metallic impurities. This quality level is maintained by using 'GD-Ms' high precision material analysis technology. The high purity copper wire uses special "Stressfree" annealing technology to minimize distortion of the crystalline structure of the copper, and optimizes the high purity and conductivity of the power path..

6N-PC5300 1.5m


  • -6N (99.99997%) Cu conductor material
- 6N Cu multi-strand core conductor (x2)
- 4.5 N Cu multi-strand ground line (x1)

  • - Copper tape shielding
- Low dielectric polyolefin insulation
- Custom power plug / IEC connector
- Carbon fabric connector sleeve

The 6N-PC5300 is an entry level product in ESOTERIC's ultra high end power cord line. The cable incorporates high purity 6N Cu conductor produced by our Stressfree annealing technology. Polyolefin insulation provides extremely low dielectric property (1/4, compared to conventional PVC material). The cable jacket is finished in a high gloss black. Our custom IEC / Wall plug features 24K gold + palladium plated phosphor bronze contact elements for ultimate conductivity. Carbon fabric sleeves are attached to reject RF noise from entering the electric power path.

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