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Running Springs Audio's Maxim
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Running Springs Audio's Maxim

Power Conditioners by Running Springs Audio

Manufacturer's Description:


Designed specifically for a variety of amplifiers from low powered SET’s to large high current monoblocks, the Maxim offers the ultimate in power conditioning. The Maxim compliments our award winning Dmitri. Combined, with the Dmitri handling front-end components and the Maxim the amps, these RSA power conditioners will elevate any system to a level beyond your expectations!
    •    All components are designed and manufactured in our ISO 9001:2000 approved facility in Anaheim, California – USA
    •    Featuring CNDI and DMS filters and upgraded platinum foil capacitors
    •    100% passive, non-current limiting topography, four isolated outlets
    •    Quieter backgrounds, increased inner detail with raw dynamics
    •    Carbon fiber resonance vibration control

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Price: $4,880.00
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