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Extreme Phono's Mat Skin (Green)
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Extreme Phono's Mat Skin (Green)

Analog Accessories by Extreme Phono

Manufacturer's Description:

The Extreme Phono 'Skin' is designed using a fabric with a unique acoustic property. Simply drape the 'Skin' over any None-Felt Mat (Donut or Standard), and voila! The sound is further improved without any VTA adjustment. The slightest warmer quality of the None-Felt Mat is now improved, and there is a new found level of smoothness and liquidity. Music flows effortlessly, and blooms with an extra sense of dynamics and power. The 'Skin' also isolates the None-Felt mat from the record, alleviating any concern regarding your LP coming in contact with the rubber None Felt material, as the record will only contact the ‘Skin.

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Price: $20.00
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