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Cable Research Lab's Mark II
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Cable Research Lab's Mark II

Power Cables by Cable Research Lab

Manufacturer's Description:

At last!
Distortion-free power cords that truly are distortion-free.

Providing clean electricity to components while producing a black sound stage and image — CRL power cords remove an extra layer of distortion that others simply can't match.

CRL presents two first-class power cords made with the same regard as our Interconnects and Speaker Cables. The Mk II for amps and the Mk IV for front end equipment. Manufactured from either OFC or OCC (respectively) solid copper conductors with generously polished and plated Oyaide connectors.

Mk II for Amps

    * OFC/6N high-purity conductors
    * Unshielded
    * Extensively polished and plated Oyaide connectors of deoxidized phosphorous bronze
    * Available in 1.5-meter and 2-meter lengths.
    * Available in 15 or 20 AMP IEC configurations.

Pricing Information

Wall Plug
Component IEC
Price: $1,299.00
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