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SteinMusic's Magic Stones (Single)
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SteinMusic's Magic Stones (Single)

Acoustic Treatments by SteinMusic

Manufacturer's Description:

The SteinMusic Magic Stones are triangular shaped and made of a polycarbonate material. They are meant to be placed on the wall behind and between your loudspeakers, on the wall behind your listening seat, on loudspeakers, and in room corners. They are part of the SteinMusic Harmonizer System and meant to work in conjunction with the H2A and H2B harmonizers. Price is for one Magic Stone.

The optional "Magic Diamonds" are a more powerful version of the Triangles. The best applications for these Diamonds, which are used in combination with sets of the Triangles, are to use one Diamond on the ceiling in the middle of the room, and/or one Diamond on top of each speaker.

From the StereoTimes Review of the Harmonizer H2 and Magic Stones:

    "...But what about the H2 Harmonizer combined with the Magic Stones?In a word, ASTONISHING! I've a single H2B and two H2As (set at an Intensity level of 11 o'clock as recommended) and ten Magic Stones. And it took me all of 30 seconds to detect something unusually sweet about the top end. And there's a much more obvious sense of bloom around instruments as well. I haven't changed any of my electronic components upstairs in years and am so satisfied with their sonic performance I don't plan to, yet this stable environment began to sound very unfamiliar - and incredibly for the better. High frequency decay and shimmer to instruments like cymbals and strings sounded freer, faster and clearer - unlike anything I've heard before in this room..."

"The H2 Harmonizer (H2 hereafter) consists of two cubes about 6" square. Each is assigned a designation, H2A and H2B, located on the underside.... The rear of the unit accepts power from a 12-volt wall-wart or a battery and has a light switch and an intensity adjustment knob. The light switch is useful to anyone who chooses to use the 9-volt battery option and wants to prolong its lifespan by disabling the LED on the front of the unit. There is no on/off switch.

How the H2 actually works is proprietary, and Stein insists on keeping its inner workings secret. Stein says, "The H2 stimulates the oxygen's molecules in a way that improves its viscosity thus allowing it act much more effectively." The info that arrived with the H2 reads, in part, "The basic principle is similar to a catalyser. Technically it works with capacitively activated crystals. The air molecules inside of the listening room are jogged through the loudspeaker and thus transmit the sound information. In order to elongate the air molecules from their rest position it is necessary to spend energy first. It is much easier to move them if once moving. This phenomenon is similar to static and dynamic friction. To force a heavy piece of rock to move is not an easy task. But if it is once moving it can be much easier shifted further. The Steinmusic Harmonizer is working very similar, but rather at a level of ethereal states...."

SteinMusic Magic Stones are 1 1/2" triangular shaped polycarbonate “stones” designed to be used in conjunction with the H2 Harmonizer and purporting to intensify its effectiveness. They are ideally located at about 5-feet off the floor on the wall between your loudspeakers; behind your listening seat; on the ceiling (if possible, between your listening seat and the loudspeakers); on the edges of the loudspeakers - above the tweeters - and lastly, in the corners of your room.

The Harmonizers are meant to work in conjunction with the Magic Stones. While all pieces can be purchased individually, SteinMusic has two recommended packages that you can purchase at a better rate.

   *H2A Cubes - Meant to be placed at two adjacent walls of one's listening room, preferably near the loudspeakers. If you are using only one H2A Cube, then it should be placed between the loudspeakers near the wall behind them. The H2A is the first piece to start with if you are buying or trying only one piece at a time.

    * H2B Cube - Meant to be placed near the listening seat(s), and opposite the H2A.

    * Magic Stones - The Magic Stones are 1 1/2" triangular shaped polycarbonite "stones" designed to be used with the H2A and B. They intensify the effectiveness of the Harmonizers. The best locations for them (using BluTak to affix to the wall as needed) are:
          o About 5 feet off of the floor on the wall between your loudspeakers
          o The wall behind your listening seat
          o On the ceiling (between your listening seat and the loudspeakers)
          o On the edges of your loudspeakers - abovethe tweeters -
          o In the corners of your room.

SteinMusic Harmonizer systems products can be purchased individually, but also come in two specially priced packages:

    * 2 Harmonizer package- For small to medium rooms:
          o 1x H2A Cube
          o 1c H2B Cube
          o 7 Stones

    * 4 Harmonizer package - For larger listening rooms or to max out a small to medium sized room:
          o 2x H2A Cubes
          o 2x H2B Cubes
          o 10 Stones

The "cubes" work best when elevated on shelves, furniture, or using the metal stands offered by SteinMusic for an additional cost beginning at $150 per stand.

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