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Golden Sound's Magic Ring Small
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Golden Sound's Magic Ring Small

Cable Lifts by Golden Sound

Manufacturer's Description:

Description/Theory: The Magic Ring (Standard size) is a 1 3/4-lb, dark metallic-gray, thick-walled cylinder with OD = 2 7/16 inch, L = 2 1/2 inches and H = 2 13/16 inches (including flat base). The Large Magic Ring weighs 2 1/4 lb, with OD = 2 5/8 inch, L = 2 11/16 inches and H = 2 15/16 inches (including base). The Magic Ring and Large Magic Ring can used with speaker cables, power cords and interconnects, as well as with the system components. The Magic Ring operates on the principle of "energy organization" in materials that conduct "signal" or electricity, as opposed to "conventional" principles such as magnetism or vibration control. The Magic Ring illuminates and expands the soundstage, lowers distortion and improves dynamics, especially micro dynamics.

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Price: $180.00
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