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Harmonic Technology's Magic Digital Two AES/EBU
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Harmonic Technology's Magic Digital Two AES/EBU

Digital Cables by Harmonic Technology

Manufacturer's Description:

RCA version is pictured.

Harmonic Technology's MAGIC Digital Two, terminated in either single-ended RCA or balanced XLR, helps you fully recreate the "magic" of a recorded event in your home environment. Harmonic Technology's design team has spent a substantial amount of time and effort to research the most effective and innovative science and manufacturing process for the audio and video cable market. The culmination of this endless research has led to the introduction of Harmonic Technology's MAGIC Digital Two - a reference model digital cable that delivers the highest level of system performance available. MAGIC Digital Two will unleash all the "magic" within your entertainment system and allow it to perform at its fullest, and previously unattainable, potential.

Through the utilization of a unique blend of the finest 7N (99.99997%) high purity  single crystal silver and 6N (99.9997%) high purity  single crystal copper conductors, MAGIC Digital Two represents the finest in digital information transfer between your digital components. With more multi-gauge, individually insulated conductors within its uncompromised construction, MAGIC Digital Two also implements a unparalleled bi-metal blend of Harmonic Technology's world-renowned pure OCC Single Crystal™ silver and copper conductors, which complements our other superb MAGIC products with an unsurpassed balance of transparency, detail and harmonic balance.

The MAGIC Digital Two offers the highest degree of transparency, great detail, a lower noise floor and more extension and air than any other interconnect in the market. It delivers the optimum performance from your digital components, such as your transport, Digital-to-Analog Converter, Reclocking/Redithering devices, DVD players and much more. It is the most uncolored and articulate digital cable ever built. The low bass is unbelievably fast and extremely controlled, offering a speed and pitch definition that truly brings the music and video to life. The mid-range is deliciously rendered, with a vibrancy and truthfulness of timbre that actually breathes life into the recorded voices as well as those of the demanding instruments. The treble is extended, smooth and detailed, without the "edge" and aggressiveness that is so often found in other cables. The MAGIC Digital Two recreates the upper harmonics of instruments with a sense of detail and ease, but with none of the glare that can cause listening fatigue.

Harmonic Technology's MAGIC Digital Two truly creates a stunning level of performance in transparency, timbre, precise imaging, micro- and macro-dynamic freedom, detailed bass sounds and articulation that is unprecedented within any other digital cable.


Technical Data


RCA Terminations

XLR Terminations

Capacitance per foot

34 pF

36 pF

Inductance per foot

0.36 uH

0.42 uH

Resistance per foot

0.004 Ohm

0.003 Ohm

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