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Magic Cube (Pair)
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Magic Cube (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Magic Cube is a passive device that minimizes the distortions inherent in amplifier-cable-loudspeaker interactions. The Magic Cube accomplishes its “magic” by creatively addressing two fundamental problems: the distortion that arises from amplifier-to-loudspeaker linkage and the distortion that occurs in the conduction of current through speaker cables.

"The NuForce Magic Cube is quite versatile in that it can be integrated into your system in a number of ways and configurations.  Apart from the standard setup of one unit per amplifier channel/speaker cable combination, it can also be used in bi-wire systems of varying complexity.  For instance, any number of Smith Cell sections can be used without concern for amplifier or speaker safety.  They can be inserted at either end of the cable, or even one at each end for possibly further increasing system performance.  Regardless of system configuration though, the user must be aware that only one Filter section can be used per amplifier output channel.  In a bi-wire configuration we recommend that the filter be inserted in the cable feeding the woofer section as an initial setup, but you may choose to experiment a little and try it on the tweeter section as every system is somewhat different.  Again, as long as one remembers that only one Filter section can be used per amplifier channel, we advise that you experiment to find the combination that works the best with your system."

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