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HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems's MXR-1921-3V Rack with 3 M3 Isolation Bases
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HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems's MXR-1921-3V Rack with 3 M3 Isolation Bases

Racks and Stands by HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems

Manufacturer's Description:


The HRS MXR Rack System is our reference level equipment rack. The M1R Rack System was designed for people who want limitless performance, functionality, and quality craftsmanship that will allow their system to perform to its full potential. The M1R Rack System is an idealized structure for the HRS Isolation Base. The rack structure has been optimized to minimize energy transfer and maximize noise isolation efficiency of each shelf (Isolation Base). The outer frame is a braced construction made from seven different materials to optimize stiffness and energy absorption, but it is finished with a furniture grade exterior to match even the most elegant living space.

inch (cm) : 30 x 19 x 32 (76 x 48 x 81)
Shelves : 3
Isolation Bases :2

Custom rack systems configurations, including side by side systems, are currently available. Please contact your local dealer or HRS for more information.

Four ultra high frequency billet machined brackets support each shelf. The brackets are adjustable vertically allowing you to select ideal shelf spacing for your system.

Regardless of the final shelf location you still will have infinite cable access because there are no front or rear braces to the main structure. You can also add or remove a shelf at any time without any modification to the rack structure or detracting in any way from its exceptional performance or beauty.

Because each shelf is a HRS isolation base they can be used in the HRS rack system, on top of any other equipment rack shelf or on your floor as an amplifier stand making the system very versatile to future changes. The M1R Rack System was simply designed to be the last equipment rack you will ever purchase.

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