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Oyaide's MTB-6
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Oyaide's MTB-6

Power Conditioners by Oyaide

Manufacturer's Description:

Available with:
DX Outlets= 3 SWO-DX duplexes Silver/Rhodium
GX Outlets= 3 SWO- GX duplexes Gold/Palladium
XXX Outlets= 3 SWO-XXX duplexes Gold/Palladium
R-1 Outlets= 3 R-1 duplexes Beryllim Copper

2.0mm thick brass plate formed into a special shape for rigidity, speed and good internal energy absorption properties. The plate is coated with extra thick layers of non-electrolytic nickel ground plating, and then finished with chrome plating to further enhance its rigidity and speed characteristics. This also has the effect of improving shielding against wider range E.M.I.

Internal Wiring 2.0mm dia., high purity (4N) solid Silver
AC Outlet SWO-DX (4 outlets)
AC Inlet Original IEC AC Intlet (Silver / Rhodium) Plating
Dimensions W 70mm x H 50mm x L 270mm
Case 2.0mm thick Brass with special plating

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