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NuForce designs its source devices to conform to industry-wide standards, protocols and formats. Our aim is to achieve perfect compatibility with all available companion devices. Further, we have chosen not to include DACs with our audiophile-quality source devices in order for the end-user to assemble a system consisting of components of his or her choice.

The NuForce Music Server is a customized computer that offers these benefits:

   1.An easy-to-use, feature-rich Interface permitting access via Remote Control with Monitor Out, Touch Screen Monitor, iPod Touch (optional software), and Web (see Note 1).
   2.Superbly accurate CD-ripping software in FLAC File format.
   3.A Perfect Metadata feature permitting access to five cover-art databases: iGD3, GD3 Symphony (for classical), SonataDB (for classical), FreeDB and MusicBrainz. Typically, other music servers perform just one database function. NuForce’s unique Classical Metadata Tags permit additional, more precisely focused searches.
   4.An Open System with Remote Support for software updates (see Note 2).
   5.Play two separate music streams on Zone 1 and Zone 2 RCA outputs.

Ideally, an audiophile-quality music server serves as a key component in a high-end audio system. It should perform the abovementioned functions flawlessly – and do nothing more. The NuForce Music Server transmits digital data with state-of-the-art accuracy to an external DAC thereby allowing the end-user to flexibility to acquire best-of-breed components for the last word in recorded sound.

End users with large digital-music collections will want to establish a home-network NAS in order to provide easy and reliable access to his or her music library.

Furthermore, Nuforce’s MSR1 will be able to access any other music library contained in an external (USB) hard disk or networked home PCs.


    * Audio output – Zone 1 Audio RCA, Zone 2 Audio RCA
    * S/PDIF output – 44.1 – 96kHz Coaxial 75-ohm output RCA
    * Video output – 15-pin DB Sub-15 (VGA) output
    * 500GB 2.5” quiet, low power consumption hard disk
    * USB – 4 ports
    * Network – RJ-45 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
    * Standard ports – PS/2 style Mouse, Keyboard, RS-232
    * Power: External 90-240VAC, 12Vdc input
    * Power consumption: 45W
    * Operating Temperature - 0 to 55 degree C (Ambient)
    * Nominal temperature:  36 to 40 degree C
    * Chassis is made of high-grade anodized brushed aluminum to reduce audio resonance
    * Noise level:  < 25dBA
    * Dimensions: 2.35”H x 8.5”W x 15”D Weight: 7 lbs.


    * RF Remote Control with track ball.
    * 802.11g wireless USB adapter

Compatible Touch Screen Monitors (not included with the product):

    * G-Vision
    * Iiyama
    * Lilliput

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