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MIC Enacom
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MIC Enacom

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Manufacturer's Description:

The success of lines of Enacom marketing since 1989, now introduce another phenomenal product. That’s MIC Enacom!

MIC Enacom can ultimately be used as noise eliminator of signal line of Microphone and Balance cables take out RF ring noise throughout full frequency spectrum. Thus, signal transmission will become so smooth without distortion that the sound of voice becomes natural without annoying mechanical distortion. MIC Enacom will also smooth out audio signal in balance configuration and let audio systems sound astonishingly clear, dynamic with wide range frequency spectrum and the sound of string instrument become very delineate. The result is realistic quality of sound that you thought was never possible.

ENACOM lines up by RCA line Enacom, Speaker Enacom, AC line Enacom that enable to clunk up the performance of Audio systems. In use of these Enacom in combination, the quality of sound of systems will become unparalleled. Try them and experience with beautiful sound you have ever dream of.

* How to use:In form as end adaptor, just connect MIC Enacom on the end of microphone cable or XLR balance line cable. You may need two pieces of Mic Enacom for use with XLR balance cable.

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