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MC88 Cones (Set of 3)
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MC88 Cones (Set of 3)

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Manufacturer's Description:

Details: Sound Mechanics' MC88 Wood Cones exploit the natural cell structure in specially selected wood to improve the sonic performance of Hi-Fi equipment by controlling unwanted mechanical vibration. The MC88s are designed to :

1. Adopt a shape which minimizes the effect of the cone itself.

2. Employ metallic particles inside to effect an even and wide frequency response characteristic (The design is patented by Sound Mechanics: US patent No.5169104).

3. Reduce the physical instability of the property of wood.

4. Enrich the high and ultra high frequencies by means of special spherical tungsten infill particles and to improve the lower harmonics through the use of specially selected blackwood.

Dimension :Ø 45 x 32mm (H)

Set of 3

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