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M8i Center Channel
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M8i Center Channel

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Manufacturer's Description:

Epos approached the design of its M8i centre channel speaker exactly as you would expect - with no compromise to sound quality. Engineered specifically for the critical requirements of centre-channel reproduction, it has powerful bass, a fast, dynamic sound and high power handling. It is, of course, magnetically shielded.

The M8i includes the revised Epos 25mm (1 in.) low-distortion metal dome tweeter, designed to have smooth, clear extended treble. This tweeter features a strong die-cast aluminium alloy face plate, moulded surround, ferrite magnet and Ferrofluid cooling.

The new Epos 140 mm (5.5in.) high power mid-range woofer reproduces dynamic, natural bass and mid-range frequencies. Two such units are used in this model, isolated from each other in separate rear-ported enclosures and positioned either side of the tweeter. With two woofers working together at low frequencies, power handling and sound levels are greatly increased.

The M8i features an unusual crossover which reduces colouration from the two closely spaced mid-bass units. The upper crossover frequency is centred on 3kHz and incorporates film capacitors in critical locations. The bi-wirable input panel is made from solid anodised aluminium alloy, with sturdy high-spec terminals suited for spade lug or other types of plugs. High-grade metal links join the terminals together and can be removed for separate connection to each driver.

Centre channels can pose difficulties with placement but Epos has provided the perfect solution with the M8i. The cabinet is now rounded on the bottom and flat on the top. It is also supplied with a contoured plinth, so that the angle of the speaker can be adjusted to point at the listener.

The M8i is styled to complement any décor. With its silk cloth grille and beautifully manufactured real wood cabinets, it will easily integrate with all furnishings.

Technical Specification

Configuration     Center Channel.
Power Handling     75 W max. Speech and Music.
Frequency Range     60 Hz - 20 kHz.
Impedance     8 Ohm nominal.
Sensitivity     87dB/2.83V/1m.
Amplifier Compatibility     25 - 100 Watts.
Positioning     Either above or below the CRT or Flat panel monitor. If close to the floor, angle the speaker up a little to aim at listener’s face.
Finish     Cherry, Red Cherry, Black Oak real wood veneer.
Cabinet     18mm MDF wrap and 25mm MDF front baffle with real wood finish.
Size HxWxD - mm / ins     175 x 510 x 220 / 7 x 20.4 x 8.8 (without grille or Plinth).
Packaged     One per carton.

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