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HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems's M3 Isolation Base 1921
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HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems's M3 Isolation Base 1921

Racks and Stands by HRS Harmonic Resolution Systems

Manufacturer's Description:

The M3 Isolation base is our current reference level isolation solution. It significantly reduces the negative impact of structure-borne vibration on your audio component performance. It minimizes input vibration, provides significant levels of isolation, and properly controls residual energy.

inch (cm) 19 x 21 x 3  (48.3 x 53.3 x 7.6) 
Weight  lb (Kg)     52 (23.5)

Each material is carefully selected for optimum performance and functionality. The M3 Isolation Base also uses two different proprietary HRS elastomer formulations. The first was developed to maximize isolation efficiency, and the second was developed to control and eliminate residual energy.

A finely polished black granite contact plate is used in the M3 design to directly support your audio component providing exceptional beauty and years of scratch resistant service. The M3 Isolation Base is produced in four standard sizes. Each size can be purchased in any of the four different load ranges to optimize component performance.
Isolation Base Physical Characteristics (Standard Sizes)

This unique design utilizes six different materials to optimize stiffness, geometry, mass, and impedance characteristics.

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