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M Subwoofer
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M Subwoofer

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Manufacturer's Description:

The M SUB has a powerful 10" loudspeaker driver fitted to the bottom of the cabinet, with 2" voice coil and large magnet size to handle very high power levels for long periods without distress. Its paper cone diaphragm is very stiff to keep distortion and colouration to a minimum. The rubber suspension surround is smaller than normal and quite stiff, which also helps to reduce distortion and low frequency over-hang. In short it has been designed to enable the M Sub to integrate perfectly with a two-channel system that requires additional bass extension. However, it is also well suited to the needs of a 5.1 system and can provide exceptional bass extension for movies.

To further boost the fidelity the M SUB has a very stiff cabinet with extensive internal bracing and thick walls, which is rarely found in conventional subwoofers. It has a completely sealed section at the back of the cabinet to house its high powered 300 Watt amplifier. This technique is more normally found in professional speakers.

To further improve the sound quality Epos does not use port tuning to achieve increased bass extension. This helps to avoid air turbulence noises ('chuffing') from interfering with the fidelity of the loudspeaker. It also avoids the usual peak in bass at one frequency that usually characterizes the sound of inferior 5.1 type subwoofers.

As a general rule, stereo systems tend to be difficult to integrate with conventional sub woofers because, for the most part, sub woofers are generally not designed to match them, and therefore suit 5.1 systems only. The Epos M SUB is different and was conceived as a means of extending the frequency response of a small pair of bookshelf speakers, rather than just producing large outputs at one particular frequency, such as 60 Hz.

This may appear to contradict established principles, but Epos engineers have not limited themselves only to designing a product that plays 'one note' sound. For that reason the M SUB is capable of extending low frequencies with a relatively flat response down to 20 Hz. This is most unusual and would normally be unheard of in conventional woofers because, apart from anything else, their cabinets and amplifiers would rattle and buzz, due to the simple method of construction used. As a consequence of the design principles, this M SUB is exceptionally dynamic when part of a 5.1 system.

Back panel controls include variable Volume, Low Filter, High Filter and Phase adjustment controls. Low and High Level Inputs allow the M sub to be driven either from loudspeaker outputs direct from a power amp or pre-amp signal, which will not load the driving amplifier as the M sub's low level input is high impedance. Its Power Switch features a standby function that sends the amplifier to sleep when not used and wakes up automatically when it receives a signal. The amplifier is able to work in most regions as it has an AC Voltage Selector Switch and mains fuse, accessible from the rear panel.

Additional features to be found in the M Sub are over-current protection and over temperature cut-out. The M SUB does not use a compression limiter to pre-distort the signals it cannot handle. However, no amplifier has infinite power capabilities and has to be protected against destroying itself under extreme conditions.

With a cosmetic design similar to the M series range of speakers, the M SUB is available in the three finishes - light cherry, dark cherry and black ash.

The M Sub is designed to be a down firing speaker, with fixed height legs to stand on. These can be used on their own or with the matching wooden plinth that protects the driver and allows the driver to breath properly. 6mm carpet spikes or soft foam pads can be fixed to the bottom of the plinth, depending on the floor surface or personal preference.

Technical Information
Power Handling:     300 Watts Max     
Frequency Response:     20Hz - 150Hz with high & low filter     
Impedance:     4 Ohms Nominal     
Sensitivity:     89dB/1 watt/1 metre     
Amplifier Compatibility:     built-in     
Configuration:     10" Bass Driver     
Weight:     26kg     
Size W x H x D (mm):     372 x 342 x 450 including plinth     
Finish Type:     Real Wood Veneer     

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