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M 12i Speakers
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M 12i Speakers

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Manufacturer's Description:

Traditionally the core of any Epos speaker series, the M12i is the ideal loudspeaker for those enthusiasts who prefer a stand-mount over a floor-stand option.

As with all speakers in the Mi range, the 12i is designed to meet all the demands of today’s two-channel and home-theatre audio. It is equally at home with music or movies and is fully magnetically shielded. If the M12i is to be used in a home theatre application, the M8i centre channel and M5i, used for rears, make ideal choices.

The M12i uses the revised Epos 25mm (1 in.) low distortion metal dome tweeter, designed to have smooth, clear and extended treble. Featuring a strong die-cast aluminium alloy face plate, moulded surround, ferrite magnet and Ferrofluid cooling, it is a significant improvement over the earlier M tweeter. The upper frequency crossover is centred on 5kHz and the minimalistic 1st order crossover is simply a polypropylene film capacitor.

Epos has designed a robust new 165mm (6.5in.) mid-range woofer with die-cast aluminium alloy chassis, phase plug and moulded polypropylene cone. Its curved cone profile and graduated thickness were engineered to ‘roll off’ high frequencies mechanically, in a smooth fashion. It also has very high power handling. As such, the woofer requires no electrical crossover to reproduce dynamic, natural bass and mid-range frequencies in this model. To reproduce bass cleanly and powerfully, it is loaded at the rear with a port flared at both ends, which reduces turbulence and distortion.

The bi-wirable input panel is made from solid anodised aluminium alloy, with sturdy high-spec terminals suited for spade lug or other types of plugs. High-grade metal links join the terminals together and can be removed for separate connection to each driver.

Equally attractive with or without the silk cloth grilles, the M12i is offered in a choice of three beautiful real-wood veneers. It seamlessly wraps around the front edges of the pattern matched cabinets. The front and rear baffles are 25mm (1 in.) thick to reduce unwanted vibration and colouration.

Packaged     One pair per carton.
Weight     6.5 kg / 14.3 lb per single speaker.
16 kg / 35.2 lb per carton packed.

Technical Specification
Configuration     2-way.
Power Handling     120 W max. Speech and Music.
Frequency Range     54 Hz - 20 kHz.
Impedance     8 Ohm nominal.
Sensitivity     87dB/2.83V/1m.
Amplifier Compatibility     50 - 150 Watts.
Positioning     Not less than 20 cm (8") from rear wall.
Finish     Cherry, Red Cherry, Black Oak real wood veneer.
Cabinet     18mm MDF wrap and 25mm MDF front baffle with real wood finish.
Size HxWxD - mm / ins     375 x 185 x 250/ 14.8 x 7.3x 9x 10(without grille).

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