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Lotus SE
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Lotus SE

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Manufacturer's Description:

The New Generation Lotus TSE power cord represents the state of the art in its design and performance; it features our advanced, low impedance shielding system that provides unparalleled protection from both internal and external interference. It also features our HPBM™ conductors that are designed to deliver all the available current to your components with minimal distortion. It is constructed using very high performance parts that allow it to transmit current with minimal loss in the form of heat and distortion.

Build Features
*MLIS™ (Multi-Layer Insulation System) - High temperature, low storage insulation for high velocity delivery and no smearing/distortion. The result is a clean and clear sound that maximizes the performance of any system.
*HPBM™ (High Purity Bi-Metal) Conductors – High conductivity and large capacity conductors for wide bandwidth performance and true instrumental timbre.
*UMLS™ (Unitized Multi-Layer Shielding) Technology – For reduced cross talk, low loss, intimate insulation contact, and immunity from all forms of noise. The result is an ultra low noise floor that let you experience the full dynamic expression of the performance.
*Dynamic Shielding™ - Complementary battery powered shielding circuit with our GIT™ (Ground Isolation Technology) for further noise abatement and isolation of system noise from the system ground.


Use the New Generation Lotus TSE power cords between your AC wall outlet and all of your components, either directly or through a power line conditioner. Please exercise some care in the removal, insertion and general handling of any power cord. They typically require about a 150 hours break-in time.


Dynamic Design™ Corp. warrants that its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original owner for five years. Dynamic Design™ Corp. will repair or, at its option replace any of its products found to be defective under this warranty.

Dynamic Design™ Corp. reserves the right to change the specifications of its products at any time and without prior notice.

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