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Lotus SE RCA (Pair)
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Lotus SE RCA (Pair)

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XLR version is pictured.


The Dynamic Design Lotus - Type SE™ interconnect is a low capacitance design that use carefully chosen high quality parts. It is a coherent, low noise, and wide bandwidth design that delivers the true essence of a signal.

Insulation – Features our Multi-Layer Insulation System - MLIS™ for excellent electrical and mechanical properties. This ultra-low loss system offers linear performance at all frequencies, with excellent coherence, clarity, and transient agility.

Conductor – HPBM™ conductors are used for maximum conductivity and frequency linearity. A noise canceling twist of the conductors is used for reduced cross talk and increased immunity from external interference.

Connectors – High performance locking connectors are used for maximum signal transfer, EMI/RFI shielding, and corrosion resistance.

Shielding – Low impedance, tightly braided shields are used to protect the conductors from external and internal noise for an ultra wide bandwidth performance and improved detail retrieval.


The Lotus - Type SE™ interconnect may be used as an analog-audio interconnect between all your components. Observe proper cable dressing by using correct lengths and by keeping them away from high current signal leads, make sure that the RCA plugs (if so equipped) are properly inserted into the component, and tighten locking barrel by turning it clockwise gently, do not over tighten. Even though it is very tempting in tight spaces, do not insert or remove the Lotus - Type SE™ interconnect by pulling or pushing on the cable body, use the plugs instead. A minimum 100 hours break-in period is recommended.

The Lotus - Type SE™ interconnect is designed to provide you with a quiet and transparent window into the music with an accurate delivery of the signal from the source. It will present a truth of timbre, very good soundstage ambient and detail recovery, wide frequency bandwidth and dynamic agility as presented to it by the source. It will not add edge, boom, or bloom to the music if not present at the source.


Dynamic Design Corporation warrants that the Lotus - Type SE™ interconnect will be free from defects in material and workmanship for five years from the date of customer purchase. Dynamic Design Corporation will repair or, at its option replace any of its products found to be defective under this warranty.

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