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Lotus SE (Pair)
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Lotus SE (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Dynamic Design Lotus TSE™ speaker cable is built using several unique and innovative materials and design philosophies. The implementation of these unique design philosophies and materials result in a cable with exceptional performance.

Insulation – The Lotus TSE™ speaker cable uses high temperature, high speed insulators for high power handling and life-like images. This low loss system offer excellent detail retrieval, wide bandwidth performance, and transient agility that bring recorded music to life.

Conductor – The Lotus TSE™ speaker cable uses our HPBM™ (High Purity Bi-Metal) conductors for ultra-low resistance and uniform conductivity and impedance across all frequencies. Each leg is completely separate and isolated for reduced cross talk, creating a wide open window to the music and delivers the dynamic shading of the music intact.

The Lotus TSE™ speaker cable should be used between your amplifier and speakers. Observe proper cable dressing by using correct lengths and by keeping them uncurled at all times. When fitted with locking banana ends, loosen knob by turning counter-clockwise on base before inserting into binding post and tighten clockwise after insertion. Do not over tighten; a slight pressure is all that is needed for maximum conductivity. A minimum 150 hours break-in period (continuous use) is recommended.


Dynamic Design Corporation warrants that this product will be free from defects in material and workmanship to the original owner for a period of five years. Dynamic Design Corporation will repair or, at its option replace any of its products found to be defective under this warranty.

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