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Liquid Resolution CD Treatment
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Liquid Resolution CD Treatment

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Manufacturer's Description:

Liquid Resolution is not just another CD/DVD cleaner and conditioner... but an awesome new next-generation CLEANER & ENHANCER that is GUARANTEED to extract the most out of your CD/DVD/HD-DVD digital media. We are so excited about both the Audio and Video performance improvements... that we are confident enough to make the claim that you haven't even heard your media... or realized the full potential of your Audio and/or Video/HT systems... unless your discs have been treated with Liquid Rez!!! The improvements are that DRAMATIC!!!

So what does one experience with Audio CD playback???
*Improved Macro & Micro-Detail Resolution
*Improved Dynamics & Instrument Weight
*Improved Bass Control
*Improved Openness & Soundstage Height, Width & Depth
*Improved Image Separation & "Air" around the Musicians
*Improved 3-Dimensional Holographic Presentation
*Improved Musicality, Naturalness & Analog-like Presentation Qualities

And on Video/DVD playback, in addition to the dramatically improved and more life-like audio presentation, one experiences...
*Improved Resolution
*Improved Sharpness
*Improved Color Vibrancy
*Improved Contrast
*Less Digital Artifacts
*A More Lifelike 3-Dimensional Presentation

While Xtreme AV is all about PERFORMANCE... EASE of USE and VALUE are equally important. What good would a decent performing product be if it took too much time to apply... and you rarely used it??? Liquid Resolution is eXtremely user friendly.... and is not a cumbersome, time-consuming wax or polish formulation like some competitors' products!!!

With Liquid Resolution... you can have it all... as treating a CD or DVD takes only 20 - 30 seconds using our hands-free dispenser pump... our optical quality, scratch-free lens cleaning microfiber wipes... and easy to use wipe containers!!! And with regards to VALUE... we supply 4 fluid ounces of our proprietary Cleaner & Enhancer formulation (that's double the amount of some of the top-tier competitors)... along with 10 imported microfiber wipes... enough to treat 320 CDs/DVDs!!!

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