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Liquid Fire Headphone Amplifier
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Liquid Fire Headphone Amplifier

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Manufacturer's Description:
Please contact and check for availability.

Dr. Alex Cavalli asked me to listen to a tube-based headphone amplifier he'd recently completed, and it BLEW ME AWAY.  It was like plugging a highly-tweaked, six-figure system directly into my brain!  I have since listened to the so-called "Liquid Fire" headphone amp with a number of great 'phones - my own Grado RS-1i, Grado 325i, the HiFiMan planar-magnetics, Audeze-e, flagship level models from Sennheiser and Denon, a set from Beyerdynamic, and a couple of others as well....The amp will be stock configured to accommodate both Hi-Z AND Low-Z models from separate output jacks.   I got to live with the Liquid Fire amp for several days and Alex and I
have agreed that I should be involved in bringing it to market, which I am now doing.

Check out the website, and dig the looks. It is VERY cool...better news?  The chassis is made in
the USA.  The transformer is made in the USA. The power switch is made in the USA. The ASSEMBLY IS DONE HERE IN AUSTIN, TX.  It's DC COUPLED and has a multi-voltage power supply.  It's star-grounded and really quiet, even with the four 6922s (visible in the way-cool double front windows) cranked as loud as you'd ever choose to listen. It has HUGE dynamic range, TONS of resolution (the fire and control of solid state), yet still liquid (tubes) in its sonic signature.  It might be the best combination of dynamics, resolution and outright tap-your-feet-uncontrollably musicality I've ever heard.  I'll freely acknowledge that these almost-53-year-old ears aren't what they used to be, but I'm still hearing things I've never known existed in recordings I've heard 100s of times over the years.  This thing SINGS.

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