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Acoustic Revive's Line RCA (Pair)
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Acoustic Revive's Line RCA (Pair)

Interconnects by Acoustic Revive

Manufacturer's Description:

●Principle and structure
Multi-strand and Litz type wires used for most cables on the market, generate stray current that is called “Strand jump phenomenon”. With the Acoustic Revive cable this problem is avoided.

This straying current causes incidental sound and distortion in the signal transmission and is the cause of impurity and degradation of the sound.

LINE-1.0R and LINE-1.0X use a single-core structure in which the straying current is not theoretically generated. This allows a signal transmission extremely faithful to the original source without the incidental impurities in sound and distortion.

Single-core PCOCC-A wire
PCOCC-A material is used for the single-core under with the cooperation of Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd.

[PCOCC-A] is made by annealing the single-crystal copper material PCOCC and its purity when finished as a cable exceeds the high purity copper materials such as 6N, because impurities do not enter into the crystal.

Conversely, high purity copper such as 6N has a large amount of these impurities within the crystal at the stage of the annealing process.(This is same for silver wire material)

Therefore, the purest and the most conductive material is PCOCC-A among all materials currently used for the audio/video cables.

Drawing on the know-how of the flag-ship cables
● Two-cores shield structure.

● Shielding by a copper foil for 100% shield effect.(A meshed shielding material is not perfect and also causes a straying current)

● Carbon permeated CSF tube to avoid External invasion noise, Radiation noise, Electrification, etc, and realized a perfect shielding together with the copper foil.

● Newly developed RCA connector with anti-vibration structure.Gold plated brass body with solid 2017S Duralumin cap.

● Excellent price to performance ratio. (Please compare to other cables sold at more than US$2000.)

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