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AcousTech Electronics's Limited Record Cleaning Machine
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AcousTech Electronics's Limited Record Cleaning Machine

Analog Accessories by AcousTech Electronics

Manufacturer's Description:

With these record cleaning machines, we’re talking about a completely revolutionary design. They’re German engineered for precise excellence and are without question the most elegant and best-performing machines we’ve ever come across. Not to mention the quietest...

Record cleaning doesn’t have to be so noisy. With any other machine on the market, you wouldn’t want to clean a record while listening to another. It’s no different than vacuuming your carpet while you listen to records. The high level of build quality on this product sets new standards of performance without calling attention to itself. These machines are so quiet and elegant that they deserve to be in a class by themselves.

Until now, there’s really never been anything elegant about the design of a record cleaning machine, certainly not an affordable record cleaning machine. But these machines are honestly like a work of art. Cumbersome? Not anymore. Just look at the footprint of these models! Fluid application? It’s automatic and simple with the push of a button.

Each unit exudes luxury. The front panels are classy and elegant with blue LEDs that are discretely attractive. The only drawback we can think of is that if you wear a tie while cleaning your records with either of these machines, you run the risk of choking yourself. If your tie, or most anything else, were to get stuck in the machine while it was running, the motor would keep that platter turning. Seriously: It’s that strong. Are you serious about cleaning your records? Then get a serious machine.

• Two suction levels: 70% and 100%
• Single speed platter
• Low level of noise
• Small foot print: 15” x 15”
• Made of PVC
• Available in black only
• 3 year warranty

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