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Purist Audio Design's Limited Edition
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Purist Audio Design's Limited Edition

Power Cables by Purist Audio Design

Manufacturer's Description:

AC Power Conditioning Circuitry

The circuitry features a custom magnetic control and passive multistage filtering circuits that provides impedance compensation to effectively attenuate and/or block the effects of EMI/RFI noise interference of a broad frequency range of well below 200KHz up to in excess of 1GHz. The circuit is implemented in such a way that it does not break the current carrying conductors anywhere within the bounds of the input and output connectors of the cord. This technique maintains the current capacity of the cord by minimizing overall DC resistivity, minimizes the potential for internal generated thermal noise, and maintains overall dynamics. The circuitry is protected and shielded within an attractive durable extruded aluminum housing integrated to main body of the power cord located near the power entry point.

The magnetic control circuit, which utilizes a custom configured ferromagnetic material, provides for common mode noise suppression by dynamically changing the high frequency impedance. Thus, causing high frequency noise to be either absorbed and dissipate as small quantities of heat are reflected back to the source depending on frequency and type of noise. The passive multistage filtering circuit is designed for a wide bandwidth attenuation of high frequency noise. At high frequencies the reactance of the filter approaches zero at various frequency points there by lowering the overall high frequency AC impedance, and thus shunting the presence of any high frequency noise.

Unlike purely reactive or traditional EMI/RFI filter circuits (composed mostly of inductors and capacitors), which tends to induce additional resonances within the signal path creating further noise potential, the design of the magnetic control and passive multistage filter circuit is such that it cannot. At high frequencies, the magnetic control circuit is seen as a frequency dependent resistive device and operates as a low Q series loss, non resonant element with virtually no series impedances at the very low AC frequencies. In addition, the design nature of multistage filter network is such that its reactance is inversely proportional to frequency, and at low frequencies the reactance of the filter increases without bounds. There by, it is effectively an open circuit to low frequencies. This combination in circuit topology is virtually transparent, and provides for a clean 50/60Hz power signal for source equipment.

Technical Specifications
Design Goals: Low Noise and High ULTRA Performance
Conductor: 104/30 Stranding
Metals: Copper
Shielding: Plated Copper Braid 95% Coverage CONTEGO
Dielectric: Thermoplastic Elastmer
Gauge (effective): 10 AWG
Current Capacity (DC)
(cable only): 36 A at 105°C
Overall Product
Current Capacity: 15 A with 15 amp IECC / 20 A with 20
amp IECC
Voltage Rating (Cable Only): 600 Volts Resistance: 3.07 mΩ/1M per conductor
Estimated Break-In Time: 75 Hours Cable Diameter: 1-1/4 Inch
Material Treatment: Triple (3x) Cryomag©


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