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LS-700 XL (Pair)
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LS-700 XL (Pair)

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Manufacturer's Description:

The Reference (700 Series) of loudspeaker cables has been advanced with several changes.  Another attribute of the loudspeaker cables that is important to note:  We have abandoned the use of bananas in favor of soldering directly to the Xhadow pure copper, silver-plated spades.

LS-700 XL is our "Shotgun" version of the LS-700, halving resistance and doubling current delivery capability.  For use with loudspeakers that have an unusually high current demand (especially one with large, high-mass woofers).   Retaining all the speed and agility of the LS-700, the "XL" version simply provides greater control and effortlessness to the performance of demanding loudspeakers.  Excellent for use as the Low Frequency half of a B-wired set of Reference 700 cables.

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