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Shunyata Research's King Cobra CX
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Shunyata Research's King Cobra CX

Power Cables by Shunyata Research

Manufacturer's Description:

The King Cobra name dates back ten years, to a time when controversy reigned regarding aftermarket power cords and whether they made a definable difference when applied to recording or Home Entertainment systems. In 1998, a small company started by a former military research scientist released its first flagship power cord model, named King Cobra. That power cord and its family of less expensive models forever changed the way after-market power cords are perceived.

At the time of its release, the King Cobra was an almost impossible product to build, with multiple tubes, an enormous conductor set and hours of hand labor required to finish each one. The King Cobra's were not intended to become successful other than as a design exercise intended to explore what could be achieved by ignoring labor and material cost. Needless to say, the original King Cobra became arguably the most commercially and professionally successful product of its kind.

Fast forward to 2009. Shunyata power cords of all types are used throughout the world’s finest recording studios and by the most renowned sound and film professionals, electronics manufacturers and media outlets.

The King Cobra name once again designates Shunyata Research’s top performing power cord model. Destined to redefine expectations for the state-of-the-art in performance, the King Cobra CX forms the perfect counterpart to its least expensive sibling, the Venom power cord, which redefines the concept of value in its class.

Similar to its predecessor, the King Cobra CX is an almost impossible product to build and finish. First and foremost, the King Cobra CX is likely the world’s LARGEST gauge power cord, with an aggregate 5 gauge conductor mass! Terminations alone for this model require intensive hand labor, time, experience, craftsmanship and skill. One look at the King Cobra CX’s finely finished exterior says everything about the attention to detail paid to its manufacture. There are a side-splitting 780 conductors within the King Cobra CX pulled from solid billets of Shunyata’s own CDA 101 copper. There are unique and proprietary insulating properties with the King Cobra CX and its SR-ZP AC and IEC connectors are also exclusive to Shunyata Research power cord products. Like its less expensive CX models, the King is thoroughly treated in-house with Shunyata Research’s Alpha Cryo process.

Due to its size and expense, Shunyata Research expects the King Cobra CX to appeal mainly to recording studios with unlimited budgets and highly customized systems and to consumers with cost-no-object music and home entertainment systems. Similar to the Anaconda CX, the King Cobra is not a tweak or simple accessory. It is a complex, hand crafted extension of a power supplies primary connection to its power source. The King Cobra CX should be carefully evaluated and treated the way any other serious purchase is managed. The King Cobra CX may seem an obvious reference choice for high current applications, but it is in fact equally adept with high caliber digital or analog recording or playback sources.  Suggested applications for evaluation would be first on any critical source component, and subsequently on a power distribution center such as Shunyata’s Hydra's, or on any reference model amplifier. Python and Anaconda CX models can fill out the balance of any complete Shunyata power system.

Make no mistake, the King Cobra CX completes a circle started with the original King Cobra, and represents the current pinnacle in reference power system design and performance.

All internal wiring, connectors and conductive elements are treated with Shunyata Research's exclusive performance enhancing Alpha Cryogenic process.

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