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PranaWire's Kensho III
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PranaWire's Kensho III

Power Cables by PranaWire

Manufacturer's Description:

The Kensho III cable about as a result of our research and development for the Cosmos Power Cable.  We realized that the Kensho II could be upgraded to a new level of performance using lessons learned from the Cosmos without increasing the price.  This makes the Kensho III an affordable "super cable".

The Kensho III disappears while supplying rock solid support.  Whether feeding amplifier or front end equipment, the presentation is bold and smooth; reaches down deep providing a tactile sense of the instruments and the venue in which they are being played.  The entire audible range is faithfully represented- "Nothing missing, nothing extra".

* Pure OCC copper inner conductors with extra heavy duty silver plating and PTFE dielectric, custom made to our specification- 7 gauge architecture
* Multi-layerd, shielded construction for maximum noise reduction and noise absorption.
* Custom Vibration Damping
* Oyaide P&C-004 premium beryllium copper connectors
* Audio Dharma Cable Cooker post construction conditioning for optimum performance.

Performance that displays the following characteristics:
* Ultimate depth, clarity, transparency and speed
* Highest density of timbral, spacial and ambient information
* Relaxed natural sound.

Pricing Information

Wall Plug
Component IEC
Price: $1,950.00
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