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Symposium Acoustics's Isis Rack
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Symposium Acoustics's Isis Rack

Racks and Stands by Symposium Acoustics

Manufacturer's Description:

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Yes, it matters!
If you want truly great performance from your music or home theater system, then you should know that what you place your components on makes the difference between good results and great results. Today's sensitive electronic equipment is more and more sensitive to the distortions which come from an unexpected source - mechanical vibration. Even subtle vibration will affect the quality of what you hear and what you see, and the better your components, the more important vibration control becomes. Vibration control represents the leading edge in state-of-the-art audio and video system technology, and for this reason, the equipment rack is a component which has become vital in determining the ultimate character and quality of a home theater or music system.

Why the Isis?
Protected by 2 new U.S. patents, the Isis Rack fulfills the goals which any equipment rack should strive for - acoustic neutrality, simplicity of design, excellent energy drainage and dissipation, isolation from floor borne vibration, and an optimal mechanical ground path.

The design goal of the "perfect" equipment rack has been addressed by the Isis Rack in a modular solution that offers the convenience of being expandable at any time to accommodate additional components.

Exclusive Features
The Isis Rack combines two innovative technologies pioneered by Symposium: the Svelte Shelf and the Rollerblock isolation system. The combination makes for a startling advance in rack technology.

Built-in Rollerblock isolation.
The Isis Rack features Symposium Rollerblock Isolation - not merely providing isolation of the shelf, but isolating the entire level (including the legs) from other levels while still maintaining a constant-density mechanical ground path (Patent Pending). It is interesting to note that two of the requirements for proper component support - isolation and mechanical grounding - are seemingly contradictory: this is the essence of the solution that the Rollerblock Module provides.

"Svelte Shelf" Technology
Symposium's popular "Svelte Shelf" has been considered an essential component by audiophiles for years, an accessory device that some have called "compulsory." The Svelte Shelf's constrained-layer stainless steel sandwich construction provides lower distortion and a rarely heard, coloration-free neutrality. Every Isis Shelf, Basic or Svelte, is supplied with 3 Precision Couplers, which provide Excellent mechanical coupling between equipment chassis in order to make best use of the energy absorbing function of the Isis shelves.

Magnetic Bias technology
Magnetic Bias bearing technology (Patented) keeps the bearings of the Rollerblock isolator units conveniently centered while lifting or changing levels, and also provides a frictionless motional damping ("bias") during operation.

Build-as-you-go Modular design
The Isis is a modular system- you can start with just one or two levels and build up to multiple levels at your own pace. Change shelf spacing, isolation options, or type and number of shelves now or later - even shelf size can be changed.

Lightning Rods for Mechanical Energy!
The purpose of any rack's leg system should be to transmit energy to ground efficiently.The Isis system features solid legs of precision machined, aircraft aluminum - for unsurpassed mechanical grounding and sonic performance - and quality you don't get anywhere else. Wood legs and tubular metal legs, even when filled with sand or lead shot, cannot match the mechanical transmission capacity of the Isis' 1 7/8" diameter, solid aircraft aluminum leg sections.

EMI/RF "Faraday" shield design
Because of its shelf system construction, the Isis Rack system helps reduce distortion in sensitive components by providing RF/EMI shielding for your components. Multiple stainless steel layers form a "Faraday Shield" which reduces the harmful effects of EMI and RF, especially that which is generated by proximity to certain components, such as High Definition video receivers, which can emit higher amounts of EMI and RF energy. New Isis levels now have dedicated Ground Connection posts at the rear of each shelf for electrical connection between components and shelf, and shelf and dedicated electrical ground.

Shelf and Finish options
Choose several different shelf options, including Basic or Svelte Levels. All Isis shelves are precision laser-cut from polished stainless steel and are available in either standard 19x16 or heavy duty 21x19 sizes. Symposium also offers the "XL" (Xtended Level) 21x23" deep shelf for very deep components, a 24x20 Xtended Top or dedicated Turntable Tops with vertical damping for true state-of-the-art results with the finest front end transports and turntables. Choose from three different finishes, including deep black anodized, natural brush finish aluminum, or premium "Silver Edition."

Shelf spacing flexibility
The modular nature of the Isis Rack allows for different component spacings determined by the legset lengths of each section, and legsets can be swapped out to change spacing at any time. Custom legsets of virtually any length are available on special order.

High energy transmission reversible leveling spikes
Rack leveling through custom, heavy duty 1/2-20 threaded bottom spikes, reversible for hard floors or for carpets is made possible even when the rack is fully installed, with convenient orthogonal access holes. Spikes are made of the proper materials for excellent mechanical transfer through to mechanical ground (aircraft aluminum or optional Tellurium copper).

"Real Engineering"
Webster's dictionary defines engineering as "the science concerned with putting scientific knowledge to practical uses." The audio art - and the art of home theater as well- is constantly advancing, and demanding new and better solutions, and even new and better science. And so, we seek the harmonious and efficient confluence of all of the requirements for the solution of a problem. Since the state-of-the-art is always reinventing itself, state-of-the-art engineering must be as creative - for how else can we find new solutions for problems which were unheard of a generation ago? For this reason, relying on solutions used in unrelated industries, while easier, is neither adequate nor desirable for the specific needs demanded by high end audio and video components. Symposium will always seek the better solution, and make it available in our products.

Proudly Made In The U.S.A.! All Symposium products are designed and manufactured in the United States. We use the finest materials, methods and craftspeople in order to achieve our goal of producing the highest quality vibration control products available.

For examples of Isis configuturations click here and here.

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