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Intron Protect +Ag 8500
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Intron Protect +Ag 8500

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Manufacturer's Decription:

The surface of CD or DVD looks very flat and clean to the human eye, but the magnified picture shows the truth that it is NOT.  There are many scratches and dust particles that exist, which were made when the discs were produced. 

These scratches and dust can act as a barrier for the laser beam.  They diffuse the beam.  This diffusion will be the cause of harmful noise of digital signals.

Intron Protect +Ag 8500 will clean the surface and fill the scratches by our specially selected and blended material, such as electric conductive polymer and silver micro particles plus ultra pure water.

Intron Protect +Ag 8500 will make un-readable discs, readable and turns old and wounded discs enjoyable again.

Nanotec systems believes Intron Protect is indispensable item for music and movie lovers.

Intron Protect +Ag 8500 is the fruit of our Nano-Technological application.  This liquid will solve the mischief of surface scratches on the discs.

The distinctive merit of Intron Protect is:
1. Eliminate the error of pick-up reading.
2. Smooths the sound and picture, lessening distortion.
3. The gravity center of the sound will be lower, and the sound level will be higher.
4. Clearness of the high frequency will be achieved together with the naturalness and softness.
5. The dynamic range and deepness or three dimensional feeling will be more large or clearer.  The delicate feel of the fluff will appear.
6. The S/N ratio will be better.
7. Electrostatic energy on the surface of the discs will be cut, strongly eliminating the dust gathering when the disc is rotating.

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