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Bybee's Internal Speaker Bullet Kit
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Bybee's Internal Speaker Bullet Kit

Adapters by Bybee

Manufacturer's Description:

Bybee Internal Speaker Bullet Kit

Jack Bybee’s Golden Goddess ’Super Effect’ Speaker Bullets have been praised by audio reviewers and customers as the most powerful of all Bybee accessories. However, the combination of costly materials and labor-intensive construction has mandated a retail price of $4,200 per set of four, with two sets required for bi-wire applications. Those original external Speaker Bullets are now discontinued, but Bybee Technologies is offering a new solution. The Bybee Internal Speaker Bullet Kit, designed for DIY hobbyists, audio modifiers and OEM speaker manufacturers, is installed after the speaker terminals and before the crossover network. The Internal Speaker Bullet Kit delivers equal or better performance enhancement at a fraction of the cost of the plug-in Speaker Bullets.

Each Internal Speaker Bullet Kit contains 2 Positive and 2 Negative devices. The Positive element is a custom-fabricated ‘Super Effect’ Internal Purifier with one-inch Gold leads. The Negative element is a newly developed device optimized for maximum sonic performance and quieting on the return leg of the connection.

One Kit will treat a pair of single-wired loudspeakers. Bi-wired speakers will require two Kits. For the audiophile who demands the absolute best performance attainable, a Positive and Negative pair may be installed at each transducer rather than at the crossover network.

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