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Stealth Audio's Indra V10 RCA (Pair)
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Stealth Audio's Indra V10 RCA (Pair)

Interconnects by Stealth Audio

Manufacturer's Description:



·    Amorphous conductive media (wire):  perfectly homogeneous, grain-less conductor, identical in all directions because it has no crystal structure at all.


·    Ultra thin wire: 0.001” (one-thousands of an inch) thick, in the Indra case. Thin wire is important for:


·  minimizing skin effect (which removes harshness in the upper midrange and treble);


·  minimizing time-domain errors (which is responsible for the clean, well defined bass);


·  in realistic cable dimensions, allows the use of the STEALTH proprietary geometry**:


·    Proprietary non-resonant cable geometry: STEALTH multicore distributed LITZ** for the Indra V10, and single-core distributed LITZ for the earlier revisions:


·  Individually insulated strands*** (to eliminate direct electrical contact, i.e. galvanic interaction between strands – otherwise the multiple bare strands behave like a single thicker wire)


·  Electrical resonance control:  the advantage of distributed LITZ.


·  Mechanical resonance control: (dielectric and jacketing mechanical properties: optimized density and damping. Too much damping usually sterilizes and deadens the sound. Too little damping is even worse since it's prone to excessive “ringing” (unwanted uncontrolled resonances).


·  Characteristic impedance control: optimized relationships among capacitance, inductance and DC resistance). The Indra’ characteristic impedance and its resonant behavior (“Q” at RF frequencies) are different from the vest majority of other cables. The overall reactance of the Indra v10 is about twice as low as for the (previous) Indra 08 and earlier Indra revisions.


·    Low energy storage dielectric: porous - i.e. foam-like Teflon. This material has the lowest dielectric constant of all solid and semi-solid materials. Low dielectric constant = low energy storage = fast sound. Only gases (air, Vacuum, Helium) have still lower dielectric constants, but porous Teflon has an advantage over any gas which is in its mechanical properties: porous Teflon mechanically dampens the wire, while air or Helium does not...


·    Proprietary STEALTH connectors: custom and highly advanced (re-designed especially for the Indra v10); very low overall mass, solid silver contacts, machined ultra-modified PTFE (Teflon®) dielectric, Kevlar composite frame, machined Carbon Fiber/Titanium shells.


·    Advanced termination technique: high pressure crimping (cold weld) offers seamless transition between the wire and the connector with no intermediate agent (solder) involved;


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Price: $6,000.00
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