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IA-7 V3 Intergrated Amplifier
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IA-7 V3 Intergrated Amplifier

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Manufacturer's Description:

New V3 version available!

What is V3?*
V3 is a direct replacement of V2 amplifier board in all our amplifier
products. Every product will be switched over to V3. For example, IA-7V2 is
now IA-7V3.

How good is V3?*
Listening and measurement tests have shown that V3 is better than V2 in
every way. THD at 10KHz and above have reduced by order of magnitude,
bandwidth increased beyond 70Khz, noise floor lowered further than V2
(incredible SNR) etc.


The NuForce IA-7 V2 is an integrated stereo amplifier with remote control. Because the IA-7  V2 shares the same circuit board as our Reference Series amplifiers, it offers exemplary performance at a most attractive price. The unit is housed in a black or silver sand-blasted anodized aluminum case. We provide control knobs in black, silver and gold for user mixing-and-matching.


    * Power Output:
    * 100W x 2 with 24,000uF of capacitance using 200W SMPS
    * 338W peak power at 8 ohms.
    * Power Bandwidth: 100 to 20 kHz +/- 0.8 db; 10 Hz -0.5 db; 60 kHz -3 db
    * THD+N = 0.03%, 1kHz, 10 W
    * Remote input selection and volume control with memory (last selection, volume level)
    * Digitally-controlled switched attenuator. Volume Range: +30dB to –70dB with 0.5dB steps
    * Audio Inputs:
    * 4 sets of RCA inputs (1 set can be configured as pre-out)
    * Alternate configuration (available on black IA-7 only): 2 sets of RCA inputs, 1 3.5mm stereo input and 1 3.5 mm stereo pre-out
    * Audio Outputs:
    * 1 set of RCA preamp output jacks (only 3 sets of RCA inputs are available if this is configured)
    * Speaker Binding Posts accept spade lugs or banana plugs
    * Chassis is 100% high-grade, brushed and anodized aluminum to reduce audio resonance
    * Dimensions: 1.75”H x 8.5”W x 16”D
    * Weight: 8.5 lbs.
    * Power Requirements: Worldwide 90-240VAC, auto select

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